I’m craving you…

And honestly I don’t even know how to react to this, don’t even know how to act. And while my fingers are typing so easily this text, how this little heart of mine is pouring her feelings and fears on paper, my mouth stays shut. Because the only thing I can do when I’m with you is smile. That wide wild warm smile matching yours, my horny eyes set on you, my finger aching to touch your body, aching to remember every curves, every shiver of pleasure, every caress that makes you smile. And my eyes wants to see every bit of you, I want to feel you as I fall deep in your soul. I just want you… as my mouth grips yours and my tongue get lost around yours it seems like I’m loosing bits of myself deep in you. I’m kind of scared but boy do I love to jump and fall deep into the night. We’re doing magic babe… When your mouth is possessing my body, almost marking your territory. Like I’ve been conquered and nobody else should even think one second about owing me. And truth is, I don’t want to be owned by anybody else, this body is mine, our war zone, your playground. Sparks flies when we’re together Sexy. Desire is so strong feels like thousands of tiny lightning crashing on my body. What we do is so just so damn good. And I know it’s not quite only sex, I know it’s not love, it still is totally divine. And when sometimes time slows down, when the storm is not quite over but something happened and I swear for a moment I crave something more. When you slow down and your eyes are locked on mine and I see your smile, it’s like sunshine filled the room on a cloudy day. My heart skips a beat and I can’t help it, I want that to last. When you take my hands in yours I keep telling it’s just sex, but I swear that this feels like home. And I crave you… I crave the bodies crashing, the mouths kissing, the explosion, the magic…. and I crave you, over and over…


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